Tom Kamaliki

Managing Partner

Tom, currently an HR Consultant and Trainer, is an accomplished HR practitioner at Director Level with extensive experience of over 20 years within the international NGO sector and public service. Tom prides in having wealth of experience of direct oversight of HR function within East Africa with provision of technical support to some countries in central, western and southern Africa.  He is renowned for developing effective HR strategies that saw an average of 75% organizational growth during expansion with Employee Engagement Programs that contributed to over 90% staff retention. Tom’s areas of strength and passion are:

  • Talent Management and development of people strategy
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Culture-Change and Restructuring
  • Setting up operational systems and processes in both start-ups and existing institutions
  • Developing Performance Management programs using Balanced Scorecard
  • Training and Development
  • Project Management
  • Managing Reward which includes Job Evaluation
  • HR Data Analytics