Social survey plays a vital role in assisting governments and businesses to develop services, policies, and products that are responsive to identified needs. Social survey also reveals society dynamics and makes us understand the society as a whole or in constituent base that are relevant to a certain scope such as public health, public services (providers or users), government programs, intervention or stimulus programs, politics and elections, ideological perception measurements, institutional image in private or public sector, internal customer satisfaction, non-profit organization programs. Social research helps to decision makers seeking effectiveness both in outcomes and costs in variety of programs, determine how/why an intervention or program works, or doesn’t work.

BINSTOPEJ  offers project management assistance, fieldwork operation and data delivery services in social research projects.

Our social research abilities and capabilities at BINSTOPEJ allow us to give accurate sample feasibility and recommendations to our clients.

We believe in providing realistic and substantive practices and recommendations rather than resulting unappealing conclusions with our clients. Universe size, methodology, indication, timeline and projected incidence rate are some of the factors we consider when evaluating project feasibility, project management and fieldwork practice requirements of a social research work. Our knowledge of social research work allows us to offer quick turnaround of cost and feasibility requests.

Generating Data and Value

The concept of the social research work and deliverable of assessments helps to:

  • Generate a continuous series of valuable data for comparisons over time that monitor the evolution of values, attitudes and behavioral patterns in the societies.
  • Establish and transmit higher standards in the comparative social sciences (questionnaire design and pre-testing, sampling strategies, translation procedures, data collection and processing)

Increase the visibility and accessibility of statistical data on social change in society and stakeholders, researchers and policymakers, media and wider public

BINSTOPEJ’s Social Research Work Areas

BINSTOPEJ offers project management assistance, fieldwork operation and data delivery services in social research projects.

  • NGO Program surveys
  • Government program surveys
  • Local governance surveys
  • Politics and election surveys
  • Opinion polls
  • Social behavior change and tracking surveys
  • Social awareness, habits and morals surveys
  • Fund raising program surveys
  • Social development program surveys
  • Human rights, democracy, corruption and bribery surveys
  • Environment and ecology surveys
  • Health services surveys
  • (Conventional) media surveys
  • Institutional image surveys
  • Internal customer satisfaction surveys
  • Gender and sexuality surveys
  • Social movements surveys
  • Class conflict and inequalities surveys’
BINSTOPEJ’s Approach in Social Research Work
  • BINSTOPEJ helps its clients to draw / select samples that well represent the population to be studied and indicates the points in research designs that break the balance in costs.
  • BINSTOPEJ always takes great care in guiding to the concepts being measured and the population studied according to the society’s values, morals and traditions and sensitive current developments that may cause a negative perception towards interviewing or lower response rate, in other words increasing refusals.
  • BINSTOPEJ project teams train interviewers carefully on interviewing techniques and the subject matter of the survey; pretest questionnaires and procedures to identify (if any) problems prior to the survey; construct quality checks for each stages of the survey; carefully develop and fulfill pledges of confidentiality given to respondents; disclose all relevant methods of the survey to permit evaluation; deliver a data quality report depending on statistical indicators by each interviewer to prove quality and possible human-made bias prevented at the end of each project.
Methods that Implement in Social Research

BINSTOPEJ conducts social research projects via  Pen and Paper and  telephone interview  and online survey methods and implements;

  • Probability Samples
    -Simple Random Sampling (SRS)
    -Stratified Sampling (SS)
    -Cluster Sampling (CS)
    -Registration-Based Sampling (RBS)

Non-probability Samples
-Self-Selected Samples (SSS)
-Samples from Internet Panel